Dangers Of Online Gaming

Playing games has always been an important part of childhood. Several decades earlier this meant that children gathered in backyards and played football, or picked an interesting board game and spent a joyful time around the table.

The spread of the Internet has given the word ‘playing’ a whole new meaning. Not only has a wide variety of new games appeared, children and parents have also new dangers to face.


The number of online games is almost infinite, and what is more, many games are created to provide a never-ending game experience with new quests and features from time to time. This can lead to a condition when a person feels the need to play a specific game or games without intermission. This is what we call addiction.

Loss of interest

An addicted person will lose interest in everything he liked earlier. He won’t be interested in watching sports events in the television anymore, he will play games instead. His old hobbies will become boring and he will be constantly thinking of returning to the computer and resuming the adventure where he left it yesterday.

Underdeveloped physical condition

People who spend extraordinarily much time in front of the computer will slowly start to lose muscle mass. This is a biological reaction to the new situation: our body manages carefully what it uses energy for, and it will consider the current muscle weight needlessly heavy. It was necessary when he used to play football, but now – sitting in a chair all day long – it’s only a waste of nutrients.

This phenomenon is specially dangerous for children because their muscles need proper stimulus in order to reach the full-grown state.

Declining social activity

People have a healthy need for talking to each other and feeling that they are parts of a community. This is called socializing and it’s present since the early ages of mankind. However, an addicted person feels less and less need for meeting his friends because he gets enough joy from gaming and he can feel that his life is complete without anyone else.

Once again, this is mostly dangerous for youngsters. In the first years of their lives they learn how to act, talk, work together as parts of the society and it’s crucial to pass through this experience, otherwise their personality might lack these abilities, which can lead to problems later.

Decline in personal hygiene

Obsessed gamers have less interest in nearly everything, including health and hygiene as well. No one will frown if you don’t collect ancient coins anymore, but when it comes to brushing your teeth, it’s a different question. Taking a shower, shaving, laundering clothes or doing the washing up are parts of our everyday routine and it’s important to pay attention to them. A person who doesn’t do them regularly will seem untidy and he will have a higher likeliness to get ill as well.

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